Water Treatment Plant


It is nothing but alum dosing when you dose the alum the suspended solids become very large.


When the total suspended solids become large the same will fluctuate.


After flocculation of TSS it will sediment for better filtration.


It is a removal of total suspended solids/ turbidity. The treated water will have 5 NTU of turbidity.


After filtration we dose sodium hypo-chloride solution for killing of bacteria. The residual chloride will have as per this, whose standard is for drinking purpose.


In case the excess chlorine is found then we will remove the excess chlorination through chemical dosing system or filtration method.

Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

It is a filtration method for removal of odor or smell.

Water Softening Plant

It will remove the total hardness attached with calcium and magnesium through ion exchange process.

De-mineralizer Plant (Industrial)

It will remove complete cations and anions through ion exchange process. If the TDS is 500 ppm (If the feed water to DM – Di-mineralizing plant).

Portable De-mineralizer Plant

It will also work through ion exchange process for battery, pharma, Electro plating and other purpose, where the conductivity is 30 MS/CM and Alkaline ph.


It is a partial DM Plant to remove carbonate, bi-carbonate and hydroxide through ion exchange process.

Micron Filter

It is a filtration process for polishing the micron size of particles upto 5 microns.

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