Effluent Treatment Plant

  • FEATURES OF ETP and Pre- Treatment process removes the following impurities for efficient operation of RO Plant to produce very good quality of water for long working life of costly membranes. Hence, it is very essential to design for all the process of this unit with latest technology.
  • SCREENING OF EFFLURNT TREATMENT PLANT– Multi screen and trapper unit are designed to carry 200 % of load for removal of coarse oil and grease impurities. As a result, the main ETP is not affected.
  • Equalization– Instead of storage of effluent to uniform the parameters, we utilize this unit by partial reduction of organics and proper cooling with perfect aeration through diffuses.
  • PRIMARY TREATMENT- For perfect coagulation fluctuation and sedimentation with minimum dose of chemical we provide dosing pump for accurate dose of chemicals this will avoid the handling as well as labor cost for landing the chemicals. We design the system considering higher capacity of flocculation and setting unit to provide better output there for the sludge generation to reduced.
  • BIO-REACTOR– it is the most important unit which degrade the polluting impurities efficiently. In this process live bacteria (MLSS) are developed through aeration process we design the latest air diffusion which are connected to the top air header with air drop line. In cause of any chocking the diffusers can be cleaned individually. Therefore, it is very easy for the treatment process without any downtime. We are using the latest membrane bioreactor (MBR) to provide the high quality of ultra-pure water at RO feed enhances MLSS of 8000-10000 mg produced high quality of ultra-filtered water. Eliminates high backwash of post filtration. Reduce operating cost. Reduced Sludge Generation.
  • Recovery of purified water with reverse osmosis technology– We design the multistage system with suitable molecular weight cut off. Hence, membrane recover 95-96% pure water of TDS < 160 mg/l. The low consumption of energy and conditioning chemicals ensures economical operation.
  • Mechanical Effect Eaporator (MEE) Treatment– The unit reduce up to 80% consumption of chemicals for hardness treatment and dismantling. Cleaning of MEE is simply flushed on CIP mode for removal of negligible solids once in 6 months.
  • EVAPORATION OF REJECT WATER FOR ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE– RO system rejects waste water which is evaporated with steam to receive pure water as condensate and dissolved salts are solicited. The multistage membrane base recycling system with the latest effluent treatment plant having MBR Technology recover > 94 to 96 % water at most economical operation cost. Moreover, such high recovery not only reduce the MEE feed quality below 5 % concentration of solids also increase above 100000 mg/l as a result steam is required just to evaporate 4 to 5 % water for saturation and crystallization of salt.
  • SLUDGE DE-WATERING – Sludge dewatering system is an alternative method for watery sludge which is a by-product disposal of waste water treatment.By dehydrating the solid by-product. The weight and volume of product is reduced delivering major cost savings, filter press and decanters are ideal options.

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